Advertising Disclosure

While seeks to create information that is valuable and educational, it may also be used as a resource to be paired with a trusted law firm or attorney in our network. Based on our reviews of these firms (which are often first-hand experiences), we feel strongly that our readers can benefit from being introduced to firms and attorneys in our network. We only partner with firms that meet the following criteria:

  • Highly rated firms: We only partner with law firms that have a 4.8+ star rating on Google.
  • Over $1 billion won: The firm has recovered at least $1 billion in settlements & verdicts for clients.
  • Award-winning: Attorneys we work with have won countless awards from legal publications.
  • Locally recognized: Our partnering firms are highly trusted within their community.

We don’t recommend firms or attorneys based on financial incentive. However, we do recommend that you consider other firms and services to compare costs to determine who may be the best fit for your case. When considering your case, it’s important to perform your own due diligence.