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Use this dog bite settlement calculator to estimate your claim’s value, and understand variables that impact how much your case may be worth. This is not a guaranteed settlement amount that you will receive, and is intended to provide a general idea of how much your dog bite claim may be worth.

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Settlement Calculator

Enter the estimated total of your past and any outstanding medical bills. Include the estimated future medical expenses.

Enter the estimated value of past and future lost wages due to hospital stays, physical therapy, doctor appointments, and vacation/sick days related to recovery.

Enter the expected value for any property that was damaged as a result of the accident.

This calculator uses the multiplier method, which uses a multiplier (between 1 and 5) to calculate total economic damages. You can use these guidelines for a rough estimate:

  • 1.5x multiplier: For minor injuries like lacerations and bruising.
  • 3x multiplier: For moderate injuries like broken or fractured bones.
  • 4.5x multiplier: For long-lasting severe injuries such as organ damages, permanent disfigurement, PTSD, and nerve damage.

Average Dog Bite Settlement Amount

Average dog bite settlement amount chart (2024)
Average dog bite settlement amount chart (2024)

The average dog bite settlement amount in the United States is approximately $92,449, which is based on data from over 250 dog bite and attack cases recorded by Thomson Reuters in the last 5 years (between 2019 and 2024).

Additional settlement data is as follows:

  • Lowest settlement amount: $1,450 – Awarded to an individual who suffered a puncture wound to the arm, which resulted in permanent scarring after being bit by a Pitbull while walking on a public sidewalk.
  • Highest settlement amount: $1,498,375 – Awarded to an individual who suffered facial lacerations that were open to the bone requiring over 100 stitches and a partial ear that was bitten off. The individual also suffered injuries from a severely torn left foot. Animal Control Officers described the injuries as perhaps the most extensive they had observed in their career.
  • Median settlement amount: $38,030 – The median is the middle value in a set of data. It’s used in statistical studies to measure the center of a dataset.

Note: This settlement amount data is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a guaranteed settlement value for your dog bite claim. If you are eligible to recover compensation, your settlement may be higher or lower than the settlement values provided above depending on various factors of your case.

Dog Bite Settlement Examples

Settlement examples (less than $100K)

Example dog bite settlements less than $100K:

  • $25K settlement – A Pitbull knocked a minor to the ground at a public festival, and bit the individuals legs, arms, and chest. .
  • $50K settlement – Individual was attacked by a Rottweiler at an outdoor dining area. The dog bit the client’s arm in a state that imposes strict liability for dog owners.
  • $90K settlement – A minor suffered injuries from dog bites that resulted in personal injuries, medical expenses, and both physical and emotional pain and suffering.
Settlement examples (between $100K and $249K)

Example dog bite settlements between$100K and $249K:

  • $125K settlement – An adult individual suffered bite injuries to their leg after walking on a public sidewalk and being attacked by a dog.
  • $185K settlement – A 7-year-old was playing with a dog when it bit him in the face, which caused multiple facial lacerations as a result of the attack.
  • $225K settlement – A 13-year-old was attacked and bitten by a relative’s dog, which resulted in facial lacerations. Ultimately, the injuries led to surgery and permanent facial injuries. Dog was known to be vicious and precautions were not taken by relatives to prevent the attack.
Settlements examples (between $250k and $499k)

Example dog bite settlements between $250k and $499k:

  • $290K settlement – A homeless and mentally ill individual was attacked by a K9 that was order to pursue the plaintiff after refusing to be handcuffed by police.
  • $300K settlement – A minor suffered facial injuries from a dog attack, which led to permanent scarring, which was deemed to be a vicious attack without any warning.
  • $385K settlement – A 4-year-old was left alone and was bit by a relative’s black lab, which resulting in personal injuries and permanent scarring.
Settlement examples (between $500k and $999k)

Example dog bite settlements between $500k and $999k:

  • $500K settlement – A 2-year-old was bit by a dog causing injuries lacerations on the face and a puncture wound, which all to the resulted in permanent scarring.
  • $601K settlement – Individual was attacked on the playground (where dogs where prohibited) by an unleashed dog, which resulted in significant facial scarring and disfigurement.
  • $750K settlement – Awarded to an individual who was jogging with their dog, and was attacked by the defendant’s dog who was unleashed. The plaintiff was awarded compensation for for medical expenses, lost wages, veterinary expenses, and pain and suffering as a result.
Settlement examples (over $1M)

Example dog bite settlements over $1M:

  • $1.1M settlement – Individual was reportedly riding a bicycle near an intersection when attacked by a Doberman dog that bit the individual’s calf. This resulted in lacerations and scarring to the leg and a lateral meniscus tear, which led to medical expenses of over $8,000 and past and future loss of earnings of over $50,000. The individual also claimed to suffer severe emotional distress due to the dog bite incident.
  • $1.49M settlement – Awarded to an individual who suffered facial lacerations that were open to the bone requiring over 100 stitches and a partial ear that was bitten off. The individual also suffered injuries from a severely torn left foot.

How Dog Bite Settlements Are Calculated

Settlement calculations often vary depending on the unique circumstances of the case, but here are some common methods used to calculate dog bite settlements:

Multiplier Method: This approach, employed by the above calculator, entails summing all tangible economic damages (including medical expenses, lost earnings, and repair costs) and then multiplying that total by a number (the multiplier) to compensate for intangible non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. The multiplier generally varies between 1.5 and 5, based on the injury’s severity and other considerations.

Example: Assume the total economic damages (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) amount to $20,000. If the severity of the injuries justifies a multiplier of 3, the calculation for the settlement would be $20,000 (economic damages) x 3 (multiplier) = $60,000.

Per Diem Method: This method calculates a daily rate for pain and suffering and multiplies it by the number of days the injured person was impacted. The daily rate can be determined by the individual’s daily income or another sensible amount.

Example: A dog bite victim suffers from pain and discomfort for 60 days following a dog bite. They and their lawyer agree on a daily rate of $200 to represent their pain and suffering. The calculation for this portion of the settlement would be: $200 x 60 days = $12,000.

Comparative Negligence Adjustment: In dog bite claims where both parties are found to be partially responsible for the accident (such as cases where the victim’s actions may have been found to provoke the dog), the settlement amount may be modified according to the percentage of fault assigned to each party. For instance, if the injured party is deemed 20% at fault, the settlement value may be decreased by 20%.

Example: The total settlement amount calculated for a dog bite case is $20,000. However, it is determined that the victim was 20% at fault for provoking the dog. The adjusted settlement amount would be: $20,000 x 80% = $16,000.

Structured Settlement: Rather than a one-time payment, some settlements are arranged to offer periodic payments over time. This can create a consistent income for the injured party and is advantageous in situations that involve prolonged care or loss of earnings.

Example: A victim has severe injuries requiring long-term care. Instead of a lump sum, they agree to a structured settlement that pays $2,000 per month for five years. The total settlement amount would be: $2,000 x 60 months = $120,000.

Settlement Negotiations: Typically, the final settlement amount is determined through discussions between the injured party (or their lawyer) and the insurance company. Elements like the robustness of the evidence, the likelihood of a lawsuit, and the limits of the insurance policy can all impact the negotiation process.

Example: A victim has $8,000 in medical expenses and $4,000 in lost wages. They are also expected to have $2,000 in future medical expenses and $2,000 in future lost earnings. The settlement calculation would be: 8,000 + $4,000 + $2,000 + $2,000 = $16,000.

These examples are simplified and the actual calculations can be more complex, especially when considering medical expenses, future lost wages, and other factors. Consulting with a dog bite lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible to file a claim, and if so, help you build a strong case to recover compensation for damages and any associated injuries.

Case Variables That Affect How Dog Bite Settlements Are Calculated

Medical expenses: Total medical expenses (past and future) related to the dog bite.

Example: A victim incurs $5,000 in medical bills for treatment immediately following the bite and is expected to need an additional $2,000 in future treatments. The medical expenses component of the settlement would be $5,000 + $2,000 = $7,000.

Lost wages: Total lost wages = (Daily wage) x (Number of days unable to work).

Example: If the victim earns $200 per day and misses 10 days of work, the lost wages component would be $200 x 10 = $2,000.

Property damage: The costs associated with repairing or replacing any property that was damaged as a result of the dog bite or attack.

If the victim’s clothing and smartphone were damaged during the attack, and the cost to replace these items is $500, this amount would be added to the settlement.

Pain and suffering: Often calculated as a multiplier of the medical expenses, depending on the severity of the injuries and the impact on the victim’s life. Multipliers can range from 1.5 to 5 or more.

If the victim’s clothing and smartphone were damaged during the attack, and the cost to replace these items is $500, this amount would be added to the settlement.

Punitive damages: These are damages that are awarded to deter the defendant (and others) from future actions that are similar to the negligent actions that initiated the claim, and are also awarded to punish the defendant in some cases.

If the dog owner had previously been warned about the dog’s aggressive behavior and took no action, the court might award punitive damages of $10,000.

Other expenses: Any other expenses directly related to the incident, such as transportation costs to medical appointments, can be included.

If the victim had to spend $300 on transportation to and from medical treatments, this would be added to the settlement.

Other Legal Considerations That Can Affect Settlement Value

Comparative negligence: A legal concept that reduces the amount of compensation a plaintiff can receive based on the degree to which the plaintiff’s own negligence contributed to the injury. In the context of dog bite cases, if the victim provoked the dog or was trespassing on the dog owner’s property at the time of the attack, the compensation amount may be reduced.

🛈 Example: In a state with a pure comparative negligence rule, if a victim is found to be 30% at fault for provoking the dog, and the total damages are $10,000, the victim would receive 70% of the damages, or $7,000.

Statute of limitations: The deadline to file a claim after a dog bite incident, which varies between states. If a dog bite claim is not filed within this period, the victim generally loses the right to make a claim and pursue legal action and any associated compensation for damages.

🛈 Example: In California, the statute of limitations for filing a dog bite lawsuit is generally two years from the date of the bite. If the victim files a lawsuit after this period, the court will likely dismiss the case regardless of its merits.

State laws: State-specific laws regarding liability for dog bites can vary significantly and can either favor the victim or the dog owner. Some states have a “strict liability” dog bite law, where the dog owner is liable for dog bite damages incurred by a person who was lawfully in a private place or lawfully in a public place, regardless of the dog’s former viciousness or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness. Other states may require the victim to prove that the owner knew the dog had a tendency to bite (the “one-bite rule”).

🛈 Example: In Michigan, the dog bite statute is a strict liability law. If a dog bites a person, without provocation, while the person is on public property, or lawfully on private property, the owner of the dog is liable for any damages suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.

It’s important to note that each dog bite case is unique, and the method used to calculate the settlement will depend on the specific circumstances of the case. Consulting with a dog bite attorney who can help ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

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