What Is The Average Payout For A Concussion Injury?

The average payout for concussion-related injuries following an auto accident in the United States is $347,046 and the median settlement amount is $50,037, which better represents the typical payout. Factors that affect settlement value for concussion / head injuries includes the severity of injuries, aggravation of underlying conditions, and total medical expenses. Settlement data is based on 256 auto accident cases that include a concussion and/or related head injury recorded by Thomson Reuters in the last 5 years (between 2019 and 2024).

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Average concussion settlement amount chart (2024)
Average concussion settlement amount chart (2024)

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Note: Average settlement data should not be interpreted as a guaranteed settlement amount for your whiplash injury claim. Data and settlement examples provided are intended to be used for informational purposes.

  • Median settlement = $50,037: The median more accurately reflects a typical settlement for head and concussion injuries because the calculation is less subject to being skewed by extremely high or low settlement amounts.
  • Average settlement = $347,046: The average settlement amount is the sum of all auto accident settlements that include a head or concussion injury divided by the total number of settlements (256).
  • Highest settlement = $11,025,000: In an accident involving a rear-end collision, an individual sustained a cervical strain, a C6-C7 disc protrusion, and other injuries, including a subarachnoid hemorrhage leading to severe complications. Initial symptoms included headaches, nausea, dizziness, and neck pain, escalating to a seizure and altered mental status. After surgeries and intensive care, the individual suffered strokes due to untreated vasospasms, resulting in permanent vision and cognitive impairments. The case involved claims of negligence against the towing company and the hospital for failure to adequately monitor and treat the individual’s condition, resulting in a settlement for general and special damages. The individual’s family also claimed loss of consortium.
  • Lowest settlement = $6,000: In an accident involving a vehicle making a left turn, an 8-year-old individual suffered a concussion. The vehicle, failing to yield the right-of-way, collided with the vehicle in which the individual was a passenger. The guardians of the injured party claimed negligence against the vehicle’s owner and operator, citing specific traffic law violations. The case was resolved through a settlement negotiation addressing the minor’s claims and injuries.

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Concussion & Head Injury Settlement Examples

Settlement examples under $100K

  • $25K settlement: A 14-year-old individual suffered a concussion, multiple skull fractures, a jaw fracture, and permanent scarring to the chin, forehead, lip, and eye, necessitating revision surgery, after being struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle. The individual’s mother filed a claim for personal injury damages. The driver of the vehicle denied liability.
  • $50K settlement: In an incident, a 22-year-old individual sustained a concussion, pulmonary contusions, a sprained thumb with lacerations, bilateral knee sprains with a deep laceration on the right knee, and multiple abrasions, resulting in permanent scars on the thumb and knee. The accident occurred when the individual, racing another vehicle at high speeds, collided with a vehicle that failed to yield the right-of-way, resulting in a T-bone collision. Both drivers faced legal consequences for their actions.
  • $80K settlement: A child sustained a concussion leading to post-concussion syndrome after being struck by a truck while being pushed in a stroller across an intersection. The claim was filed by the guardian ad litem against the defendants, including the truck’s owner and operator, to recover damages. The parties reached a settlement for the benefit of the minor.

Settlement examples between $100K and $500K

  • $115K settlement: A individual working as a program coordinator was involved in an accident on an interstate highway when another vehicle suddenly changed lanes, causing a rollover. The individual sustained a fractured wrist, a concussion, and a severe cervical strain. The injuries led to significant medical treatments and recovery time.
  • $250K settlement: A motorist sustained a traumatic brain injury, concussion, paralysis, and multiple spinal disc injuries when another driver lost control and collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle. The injuries included central cord syndrome at the cervical spine, multiple disc protrusions, and aggravation of preexisting neck and back injuries. The plaintiff alleged the vehicle owner was vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence and reckless actions, including speeding and failing to maintain the proper lane.
  • $430K settlement: An elderly engineer and a retired individual suffered multiple injuries in two separate accidents. The first accident involved a rear-end collision causing a chain reaction with multiple vehicles, resulting in a traumatic brain injury, a concussion with post-concussive headaches, and various neck and back injuries for the electrical engineer. The second accident occurred when the retired individual was rear-ended while stopped at a red light, resulting in neck and back injuries, contusions, and stress-related disorders. Both individuals experienced significant physical and psychological impacts from these incidents.

Settlement examples between $500K and $1M

  • $510K settlement: An individual claimed to suffer multiple injuries, including a concussion, nerve root injuries, a spine fracture, radiculopathy, a herniated disc, and contusions, after a collision with a tractor towing a seed planter, causing the vehicle to flip over. The individual’s passenger also sustained a concussion, spine injury, and contusions. The plaintiffs argued that the tractor encroached into their lane, causing the accident.
  • $695K settlement: An individual was operating a dump truck towing a flatbed trailer in rural Yakima County, Washington, when a county employee operating a snowplow reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign, causing a collision that resulted in the dump truck overturning. The plaintiff claimed to suffer a concussion with Post-Concussive Syndrome, as well as aggravated pre-existing degenerative changes in his right knee, neck, and lower back. The plaintiff initially received conservative treatment, including epidural and cortisone injections, and later underwent a two-level spinal fusion at L4-S1 and a total right knee replacement. The defense argued that the plaintiff’s ongoing issues were unrelated to the accident and stemmed from pre-existing conditions.
  • $805K settlement: An individual was rear-ended while stopped on a highway, resulting in a concussion, chest contusion, and neck and back soft tissue injuries. A few months later, the individual was diagnosed with an aortic dissection, requiring lifelong medical management and possibly surgery. The defendants argued that the aortic dissection was not caused by the accident but occurred spontaneously later. The primary residual injury was the aortic dissection. The plaintiff’s underinsured motorist coverage carrier was also involved in the case.

Settlement examples over $1M

  • $1.125M settlement: An individual reportedly walking in a crosswalk at a shopping center was struck by a vehicle, causing them to roll over the hood, hit their head on the windshield, and fall to the ground. The individual suffered a concussion, a subdural hematoma, a head laceration treated with staples, and an open wound on the left leg that became infected, requiring debridement. Additional injuries included swelling and pain in the left hip, leg, and foot. The driver admitted liability and later agreed to settle, disputing the extent of the injuries.
  • $3.015M settlement: A truck driver reportedly ran a stop sign while looking at a map on his phone, causing a collision with a vehicle. An individual died in the accident, leading to a wrongful death claim by her family members. Another individual suffered a fractured rib, collarbone, a concussion, facial abrasions, and emotional distress, including PTSD. The driver of the car also sustained a tibial fracture, multiple rib fractures, a humeral fracture, upper extremity injuries, and emotional distress, including PTSD. The defendants agreed to settle the case.
  • $5.5M settlement: Plaintiffs, both retired individuals, were crossing a street at an intersection in a marked pedestrian crosswalk when they were struck by a vehicle driven by an individual and owned by another party. One plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury, including a concussion, subdural and epidural hematoma, stroke, and permanent right-sided weakness, while the other sustained an elbow fracture, abrasions, and a head injury. They claimed negligence and vicarious liability. The driver argued that she did not see the plaintiffs until after the accident.

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Factors That Affect Concussion Settlement Amounts

Severity of the Injury: More severe concussions or those leading to long-term issues typically result in higher settlements.

🛈 Example: A mild concussion with quick recovery might result in a $10,000 settlement. In contrast, a severe concussion causing ongoing cognitive impairment could increase the settlement to $150,000.

Medical Expenses: Costs for treatments, hospital stays, and rehabilitation directly impact settlement amounts.

🛈 Example: If medical expenses total nearly $110,000, the settlement might include this amount plus additional compensation for pain and suffering, leading to a $200,000 settlement.

Lost Wages: If the injury results in time off work, lost wages will be factored in. For instance, $50K in lost wages could increase the total settlement.

🛈 Example: If the injured individual loses $30,000 in wages, this amount is added to the settlement. Total damages of $140,000 (medical + lost wages) might result in a $140,000 settlement.

Pain and Suffering: Compensation for physical pain and emotional distress can vary. A case with severe, ongoing pain might result in a higher settlement.

🛈 Example: Severe pain and suffering could add $50,000 to the settlement. With medical expenses of $100,000, the total settlement might be $150,000.

Long-term Impact: Permanent disabilities or lasting impairments from a concussion can lead to larger settlements.

🛈 Example: Permanent cognitive impairment requiring future care estimated at $200,000 would significantly increase the settlement. Including other expenses, the settlement might reach $300,000.

Negligence and Liability: Clear evidence of the other party’s negligence can influence the settlement. Strong liability evidence typically leads to higher compensation.

🛈 Example: Clear evidence of the defendant’s negligence might lead to a higher settlement of $250,000, including all compensatory damages.

Legal Representation: Quality and experience of legal representation can affect the outcome. Experienced attorneys often secure higher settlements for their clients.

🛈 Example: Experienced legal representation might negotiate a higher settlement, increasing a potential $200,000 settlement to $250,000 due to skilled negotiation.

Insurance Policy Limits: The defendant’s insurance policy limits can cap the maximum settlement amount.

🛈 Example: If the defendant’s insurance policy limit is $100,000, the settlement might be capped at this amount, even if the actual damages are higher.

Jurisdiction: The location where the case is filed can affect settlement amounts, as some jurisdictions award higher compensations for injuries.

🛈 Example: A jurisdiction known for higher awards might increase the settlement from $150,000 to $200,000 for similar injuries.

Comparative Fault: If the injured party is found partially at fault, the settlement amount may be reduced proportionally.

🛈 Example: If the injured party is found 25% at fault, a $200,000 settlement would be reduced by 25%, resulting in a $150,000 settlement.

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Each car accident case is unique, and settlement amounts for individuals who have suffered a concussion or head injury as a result of an auto accident will vary based on many factors. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are concussion injury settlements calculated?

Concussion injury settlements are calculated by assessing the severity of the injury, the impact on the individual’s daily life and ability to work, and the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Factors such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and long-term effects play a significant role in determining how settlements are calculated following an accident. For instance, a minor concussion might settle for $10,000-$20,000, while a severe concussion with lasting cognitive issues could result in settlements exceeding $100,000.

How long do I have to file a claim after suffering a concussion injury?

The time limit for filing a concussion injury claim, known as the statute of limitations, varies by jurisdiction. In most states, you generally have between 1 to 3 years from the date of the injury to file a claim. It is essential to check the specific laws in your state to ensure you file within the allowed timeframe.

How long will my concussion injury settlement take?

The duration of a concussion injury settlement process can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the severity of the injury, and the willingness of the parties to reach an agreement. On average, it can take several months to a few years to finalize, including time for medical evaluations, negotiations, and potential litigation. The specific timeline will depend on factors such as the extent of the injuries, the amount of evidence required, and court schedules if the case goes to trial.


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Accident type Avg. Settlement
Drunk driver $262,479
Uninsured driver $128,129
Hit-and-run $87,233
Rear-end $181,309
Injury type Avg. Settlement
Back & neck $263,030
Herniated disc $220,066
Concussion $347,046
Whiplash $121,542
PTSD $762,436

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